Thursday, August 9, 2012

TQR Publication

I have just had an article published in The Qualitative Report.  The links below will take you there.  I didn't think that cutting and pasting would leave 'live matter'...but it appears to be working for me.  

TQR Volume 17 Article 63

The Journal Project and the I in Qualitative Research: Three Theoretical Lenses on Subjectivity and Self
Judith Davidson
University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Lowell, MA USA

 This week's issue also picked up an earlier blog, which was nice to see.

I find TQR to be a fascinating experiment in qualitative research publishing.  It comes to me in an efficient form.  I find it interesting to read.  It's I get some big articles, some headlines, and I love the job ads--those tell me so much about how the work for qualitative researchers is growing and changing.  TQR has its own substantial mailing list AND it is indexed like a real journal--so it gets into people's hands AND into libraries or archives for that kind of use.  All of these things make it something I pay attention to on a regular basis.  I will have more to say about the journal issue coming up. 

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