Sunday, August 5, 2012

QSR NVivo 10 and the Emergent Future of Qualitative Research

I have just spent the last few days with many of the QSR North American gang--staff and trainers--and it has been very invigorating.  I love being with "my tribe", meaning those who are geeky about the technologies of qualitative research.  This group definitely qualifies. 

Thursday (8/2) and Friday (8/3) I was sitting in the background at an Nvivo 10 training, absorbing information about what is changing with the package. 

Saturday (8/4), I had the opportunity to meet with staff and official trainers to participate in a day-long discussion of issues related to using NVivo software, new horizons in software of this sort, and confirmation of qualitative research geeky techiness.  AWESOME!!.  Thank you QSR for making this opportunity possible. 

Cindi Jacobs, QSR Training Manager for the Americas--a fantastic hostess--setting a great pace for the entire daty. 

Joe Fisher, UMass-Lowell  Digital Librarian, talking with Raewyn Bassett and Laura Langendyk, two NVivo trainers from Canada
 Joe and I presented about the issues emerging in the realm of archiving qualitative research data (more on that later). 

Raewyn presented a very interesting paper:  NVivo as Conceptual Space for Analysis.  She has been interviewing NVivo users and examining how they talk about their practice as well as thinking about the visual and auditory ways we use NVivo and how we are working with the tool and our notions of qualitative research practice.  I found it very, very interesting. 

Rob Calcagni QSR, General Manager, Americas with Jennifer Patashnick, Carol Rheaume, and Asher Beckwitt
We appreciated having Rob and the other staff members with us--it was a great chance to ask questions and exchange information.  

 Asher ran a great round table on issues related to coding and interpretation.  I came away with lots of food for thought. 

Left to Right is Stuart Robertson (QSR staff person) with Guenther Krueger (a trainer from Vancouver BC) and Kristi Jackson (trainer and owner of QUERI)
 Stuart played many roles during the three days--as a trainer and co-facilitator.  His humor was greatly appreciated. 

Here is Kristi Jackson with attitude talking about a  on conducting team based chapter from her upcoming book on NVivo with Pat Bazeley
I can't wait for their book to come out--Sage, early 2013?  It will be very valuable for those who are trying to use NVivo in a useful way. 

Thank you QSR.  It was a great day(s).  I hope we can have more of these in the future. 
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Cynthia Jacobs said...

The day is reflected so well here. It is a gift to QSR to have this group come together. The energy and intensity and level of expertise make for a remarkable meeting. I and QSR learned a lot on Saturday. Thank you, Judy and all.

QSR International said...

Hi Judy, thanks for coming! We really appreciate all the time and energy everyone put in. Very glad to hear you had such a good time with your tribe :)

cesar said...

Thanks Judy for this brief but interesting report!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a really good event. Good to see some faces from previous QSR conferences!

Looking forward to the book, Kristi.