Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arxiv and the challenge to publication in qualitative research

Different types of peer-reviewed research jour...
Different types of peer-reviewed research journals; these specific publications are about economics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arxiv?  Is this in the future for qualitative research publishing?

A friend passed this website on to me as an example of how publication is changing in the scientific world.  Apparently, this is the go-to place to deposit your scientific papers so that there will be an official record of what you learned/found from your experiments. 

It is NOT peer reviewed publication (in the way that term has been defined in the past).  If you deposit here you can go on and publish the results in a peer-reviewed publication.  Depositing in Arxiv stakes your claim.  It allows you to let others know who got to what, when, and lets scientists who need your results to do their work have access much faster than waiting for the peer review process.  It is open access and publicly maintained, with guidance from within a discipline, thus avoiding the issues of monetizing publication at this early stage. 

It's a very interesting alternative to the traditional process of publication.  I am going to be thinking about this more as I write more on qualitative data bases and archiving qualitative research projects. 

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