Thursday, August 18, 2016

Davidson and D-Space: Web-release of earlier unpublished materials!

Thank you to George Hart, Library Director at UMass Lowell, and his assistant Marguerite Grant for uploading several of my unpublished papers and presentations to our new D-Space area.  I am so excited to have these available through this online data base. 

Nine items are now available.  They fall into groupings that have much to do with who I am as a qualitative researcher. 

You can access them at:   under Judith Davidson in the Graduate School of Education.

I am particularly excited to have three papers from 2005 accessible on the Internet.  I refer to them by these short-hand names:  "Grading NVivo", "Genre and Qualitative Research", and "Learning to 'Read' NVivo".  These three were all presented in Spring 2005 at three different conferences (it was a marathon!).  Taken together they map out territory I was exploring in regard to the way students and teachers or researchers of qualitative research work through the task of understanding Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS) functions and capacities.  I am excited to see that others are taking up the challenges described here (Woolfe and Silver and their 5 stages of QDA Teaching is one example). 

There are also two papers about teaching QDAS in higher education:  1) a 2008 presentation on "Teaching QDAS in a Virtual Environment"; and, 2) a 2007 paper on "Teaching and Learning with QDAS". 

Two papers provide evidence of my ongoing speculation about the big issues in regard to the nature of digital tools:  1) "Swimming in a Sea of Data" from 2013; and, 2) "Methodological Quandaries" from 2015. 

Finally, there are papers about specific projects.  "Teen Talk about Sexting" presented in 2012 discusses a completed project that is described more fully in my book:  Sexting:  Gender and Teens published in 2014 by Sense Publications. 

"Negotiating Digital Tools on Complex Research Teams" presented in 2016 is fast becoming one facet of a book in the making. 

Thank you George and Marguerite for making this possible. 

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