Monday, March 2, 2015

Digital Tools in Qualitative Research: ICQI 2015

Come to the International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry and get excited by the new strand--Digital Tools in Qualitative Research.  Hear about the ways researchers are using technologies in qualitative research, meet and share with like minded colleagues, and perhaps even win a raffle prize from one of our generous sponsors.

When you pick up your program materials at the conference, be on the look out for our raffle in the vendor area.  Put your name in to win a great prize. 

Look for our tables at the First Night Barbecue--join us, learn more about what is happening, and take part in the first raffle.

In the conference program, keep your eye out for the digital tools strand.  Our symposium on Friday will be the place to go to learn about what is happening in the digital tools strand across the conference.  Take part in our second raffle. 

The ICQI conference web page can be reached here:  ICQI 2015

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I know when we get to Champaign, Illinois everything will be in bloom.  Here's imaginging Spring! 

In 2008, I was part of the group that staged the "Day in Technology in Qualitative Research" at ICQI that took place over the Wednesday before the workshops and the beginning of the conference.  We thought that 2015 was the time for another strong long at what is happening in digital tools.  Kristi Jackson of Queri, Inc. (an independent consultant) and Trena Paulus of the University of Georgia (co-author of Digital Tools in Qualitative Research, Sage Press) are co-leaders--so what could go wrong!  

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