Friday, July 13, 2012

QR Eras and the Implications for Archiving

I have been meaning to post this for a couple of days...This is a table I made to help me see the eras of Qualitative Research and its technology and the ways these eras raise implications for archiving. 

Eras of Qualitative Research Technologies and Implications for Data Archiving

I am building here on the three terms I defined in earlier entries: 

1) Disassociated (meaning before computers or the use of computers similar to off-line use).  This era is associated with the term "data"; technologies like file cabinets, notebooks, stand alone computers.  Archiving focuses on raw sources, handwritten, typed, kodak photos, film. 

; 2) Associated (QDAS and related ways of thinking); This era is associated with the term "database"; technologies like QDAS and word processing uses like QDAS, and early Internet experiments.  QDAS here seeks to be a comprehensive answer to qualitative computing.  Archiving focuses on text, rtf, word documents and jpeg, etc for photos.  Is QDAS going to be a useful tool for archiving? 

 3) Distributed (what lies beyond the first two).  This era is associated with "collection" or "curation".  Researchers are working in distributed manner and their tools are also often distributed around the internet.  Items get made into various kinds of collections--but there is a fluidity that characterizes the mixing and matching.  Archiving raises many questions...that have yet to be answered.

So I am still trying to get it right.  I may be repeating myself, but that seems to happen as I work on condensing an idea. 

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