Monday, July 9, 2012

QR data bases and QR archiving

Tetsubin 2005
Tetsubin 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning as I was having my tea, I realized that this nifty little three-part developmental framework I produced yesterday raised unsettling questions in regard to the issue of archiving qualitative research data. 

To use the framework in regard to data archiving, current solutions are pretty much focused on the disassociated state of the qualitative research materials stage.

Data archiving isn't quite sure how to deal with materials in the associated state.  They will put the e-project items away in the vault and hope there will be some way to open them in the future.  Software developers are not looking forward to solving the problem themselves.

But what happens when you move into the distributed phase of qualitative research work?  How will you archive material that is distributed across the internet...not located at one set location?  Do you whack off pieces of the Internet and hold a copy in the safe?  Or do you simply have a list of url's that take you to the items?  Does the common language--html or whatever--solve the problem that exists at the associated level of archiving?  What are the ethical issues that this raises? 

I have raised more questions than I can answer.  I think the dog needs a walk...
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