Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Emerging Scholars at UMass Lowell

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For the past two years, UMass Lowell has been engaged in a wonderful undergraduate research project called "Emerging Scholars".  Conceived of by the Center for Women and Work, Emerging Scholars are a hand-picked group, selected from our top undergraduates.  Each one is assigned to work with a researcher who has submitted an application.  The match is made...and the results are great.

The Sexting project is in its second year.  Andy Harris from the Criminial Justice Program and I are sharing the joys of working with this year's Emerging Scholar for our project--Deborah Paul.  Follow this link to see the three of us at the mid-year get together, where the Emerging Scholars share their progress with the various researchers and other campus visitors. 

Emerging Scholar Presentations December 2012

It is always very exciting to hear your own Emerging Scholar describe the semester's work, but also very interesting to hear about what everyone else is doing.  Deborah has taken on independent analysis of a cache of data from the project...and she quickly became an NVivo whiz.  She is definitely going places.  We are pleased that she was chosen as our Emerging Scholar for 2012-2013. 
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