Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ICQI: Qualitative Research Abounds

I have arrived in Illinois. Sitting in the Illini Union, surveying the cafe area. Thiss trip I have a special challenge--I don't have a computer, just an Ipad. So this is a new world for me. How to do everything I need in this new environment.

So far, I can't get too my mail files...and I can't figure out how to upload a photo to my blog. I am sure other barriers will surface as I move along, too.

What was very exciting was to be greeted by Norm Denzin and his great crew. I also ran into one of the researchers from Turkey who attended the February conference.

The exhibit space is filled with Jennifer Lapum's crew, assembling that particular exhibit. Mine will go up later.

I've spent time now with the catalog. Choosing sessions is always difficult. I am pushed and pulled by different interests.

I can't help asking myself--where is this field going? How is it going to be able to address the challenges of new media? There are sessions where this mixes in (videoblogs with Photovoice like techniques)...but many more where there is no sense that the technologies are changing dramatically. Does that matter? Is the 'content' more important?

Hm...I still have to figure out the photo issue.

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