Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mary Catherine Bateson at University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Picture of Cutural Anthropologist Mary Catheri...Image via WikipediaThe UMass-Lowell Center for Women and Work will be hosting their annual "Women at the Well" gathering tomorrow.  The theme is creativity, and our keynote speaker will be Mary Catherine Bateson.  I have my copy of "Composing a Life" ready and waiting for an autograph. 

I am very very pleased to have been asked to share some of the works that are emerging from my journal tentatively titled "Interior Conversations:  Technology, Art, and Qualitative Research". 

This is the second time in the last week, I've trotted my items out.  Last week I shared items with my art class at the Essex Art Center.  Here is a photo of those pieces on display. 

For tomorrow I will be showing the piece on the upper left and on the far right.  These are some of the pieces that will compose the exhibit that I will be showing at the International Congress on Qualitative Inquiry. 

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