Monday, February 28, 2011

Istanbul: Qualitative Computing: Saying Good bye

I am getting ready to leave Istanbul...and want to say thanks, first, to those who made this conference such a rich experience.

Thanks to:

Boganizi University for hosting this special conference on Qualitative Computing

The conference coordinators--Sema, Elif, Ceasar (sorry if I left anyone out)--you did a good job with all the pieces.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  I was able to renew acquaintances and make many new friends.  I was challenged, intrigued, prodded, and affirmed. 

Thanks in particular to the new young lights who attended...those who were in graduate school or just starting out in your professional career.  Your enthusiasm was exciting to see.  I hope that we supported you and helped you to see the possibilities for this kind of work.

Another special kind of thanks to Istanbul and to Turkey...what a fascinating, complex, exciting city.  Thanks for all of the experience I take away with me. 

So, I turn my sights to home...

Here are some of the wonderful cobblestones of Istanbul...streets created from beautiful stone in careful mosaic patterns. 

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