Monday, June 14, 2010

Tagging in my own blog

I have just had a revelation that has knocked my socks off.  I just realized that if I click on one of my designated tags, I pull up every blog that I have tagged that way.  I don't know what I thought they did (if they didn't do this)...I think I thought the tags were there so that others could search (say in Google or Bing) and find this particular piece of text.

I clikced on "arts based research" and everything I tagged in this way became one seemless set of blogs.  I suddenly realized the breadth of posts that I had seen as fitting this tag.  It was far more than the set of items that I had associated with visual memos. 

I found this extremely help as a visual aid, particularly as posts mount up and I lose track of earlier items (with my limited brain power).  As is common with technology--serrendipity is all!