Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Congress on Qualitative Inquiry: May 2010

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An update on some upcoming fun for qualitative researchers.  I will be attending the Sixth Annual Congress on Qualitative Inquiry in late May.  I will be making two presentations:

1.  "Qualitative Research and Technology:  In the Midst of a Revolution" Davidson & diGregorio.  We will be talking about a chapter we have written for the fourth edition of the Handbook of Qualitative Research (Denzin & Lincoln). 

2.  "Wikis as a form of Qualitative Data Analysis Software" is a paper that will be part of a panel titled:  "Innovative Areas of Inquiry with Qualitative Data Analysis Software:  Adapting to Improve Research in Diverse Global Seettings". 

I invite you to join me at the University of Illinois, Champaign Illinois for these and many other interesting discussions.  This meeting is always a great opportunity for good connection.  My thanks to Norman Denzin and his crew for creating this opportunity for qualitative researchers. 
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